Best torrent search engine that works in 2021

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Torrent is probably used by people to share large amounts of files such as movies, music, games and software applications. Many companies use torrent technology for software distribution purposes as it’s very fast, easily accessible and also very flexible to use.

It's important to use torrent through VPN. If you are not using your torrent without VPN, your online activities can be seen by ISP ( Internet Service Provider ). ISP can know what site you are visiting and the things you are viewing, which is not at all secured. By using VPN, user’s online activities can be protected.

As there are a number of torrent search engines available and causes perplexity regarding what is the best and the suitable search engine for the user, here are some of the best torrent search engines that will work in 2021.

1. Torrentz: 

Torrentz is also known as meta-search engine. It’s a very fast and powerful search engine that merge results from many other search engines. The torrentz searches files or datas from other search engines. So that you doesn’t need to search datas from other search engine. Inorder to keep the website alive when it’s blocked, this search engines changes it’s domain name frequently.

2. Torrends. to: 

This particular search engine is available worldwide and is verified. The user can download music, movies, games, TV shows and softwares. It has more than 61 million torrent files indexed in it.  This search engine’s homepage offers a faster view regarding the list of torrents which are verified and popular.

3. Zooqle:

 Zooqle contains an extensive amount of movies on its page. Also it has TV shows and music. The zooqle doesn’t look like other search engines. It probably looks like social media with lots of images. On the front page of the zooqle, you will find the most popular movies and shows where you can easily know the trend.


 It’s a very user-friendly search engine. It's very simple as well as powerful. XTORX is the fastest torrents search engine in the World. For a new person using torrent, this search engine is best suitable for them as it has the simplest User Interface. You need to search for the torrent name and immediately you will get the most reliable result.

5. Torrentseeker:

 Torrentseeker is one of the latest one. If you are looking for a new search engine, you can try out this. It has niche-based websites in it.  Currently, the torrentseeker is the best designed search engine among other search engines.  Users can download music, movies, games, apps and TV series. This torrent search engine depends on all popular torrent repositories. The content is obtained from the popular torrent repositories. It often updates. This engine provides results from popular blocked and unblocked websites like The Pirate Bay, RARBG, 1337x, etc.