Top best free movies download websites for legal streaming.

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Movies are a way to entertain ourselves and everyone loves to watch movies, the only difference is the type of movies they watch and the language in which they watch. Some people like horror movies, some love romantic, some like comedy, some like fantasy, depending on their interests. Many people spend their time watching movies when they are done with their work or when they have leisure time by new movies download. But it might be costly for the movie lovers to watch movies in a cinema hall or on some subscription.  

We understand your needs and consider them too that is why we have done a good research and will be providing you with some of the best movie download websites from where the users can download good movies free of cost. Also, you do not need to worry we will provide you only the legal websites for movie downloads. 

1. You Tube – How can one forget the name of Youtube when it comes to the free movies. YouTube has a number of movies available for free downloads too. It is also available in almost all the countries.  

2. Watch TCM – It is a very famous movie download website in US to watch and download movies and also TV shows. It has a very good collection of some of the very good movies. But this site is only available in USA. 

3. Hotstar – Almost all of us have heard of this name and it is very good platform to download movies for free. It is available inIndia for free.