Top 10 Best Working Torrent Sites - A Complete Guide

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If you watched any movies, music, web series, sports,cartoon, anime, TV serials offline, then definitely you are a person who knowsabout and also has used Torrent websites. The torrent world has changed tremendously, there are plenty of great sites available. Still you can’t find it just by searching on google so stay tuned and keep reading to know more details about the best torrent site. 

Why is torrent not appreciated?

After getting into the torrent site, the possibility of devices getting affected with malware and virus is high. Some people who take risks and get into the website, finally end up destroying their device.

All torrent sites have copyright issues. There are many countries who have laws specifically for copyright. In such places it is a crime and the person who commits such crime is enforceable under law. So it is not safe to use. 

Users feel difficulty in finding the original torrent website since there are plenty of proxy and mirror sites to the original one available. Are you someone who is confused in a similar way? We are here to reveal the Best Torrent Search Engine that can be seen in the internet world.

To ensure safety:

Users of torrent download sites or any torrent sites recommend the beginners to use anythird party networks like VPN or Tor browser.


Best sites at 2021: 

1. The pirate bay 

2. 1337.x 


4. YTS 

5. Kickass torrents 

6. Torlock 

7. Zoogle 

8. Lime Torrents 

9. Torrent Downloads

10. Torrent 9

These are the top torrenting sites that have a huge number of users visiting daily and also considered as the best by the active users.